Kickstarter Unboxing – Seize the Bean

In Seize the Bean, players compete to be the best new café in Berlin. Reputation in both Berlin (in real life) and the game is earned from people — all the diverse customers you'll serve.

Kickstarter Unboxing – Mini Rogue

Mini Rogue is a minimalist dungeon crawler board game in which one or two players delve into a deep dungeon in order to get a mysterious ruby called the Og's Blood.

Episode #69 – Nice

It's back to normal this month, and we've got a lot of catching up to do! Matt tells us all about a few months worth of Kickstarters, and Rai details all about their foray into D&D...

Kickstarter Unboxing – Incoming Transmission

In this co-operative futuristic board game for two or more, one player takes the role of Mission Control, and the others take control of a Cadet stranded on a heavily-damaged space station set to self-destruct.

Kickstarter Unboxing – Blume

In Blume, players plant and grow their own flowerbed by placing matching tiles. At the end of three rounds, the player with the most valuable flowers wins the game.

Episode #68 – A Short Trip to Arkosa

This month we briefly chat about what we've been playing, some terrible Kickstarters, and we're joined by Angela from Toonhammer Games to talk about Arkosa - currently on Kickstarter!

Pixel Clash: Live on Kickstarter

Pixel Clash from Pixel8 Games has just launched on Kickstarter!

Episode #67 – UKGE 2021

It's time for our review of UKGE 2021, and a chat about everything we saw over the course of the weekend!

UKGE 2021 – Youtube Playlist

Here's a playlist of all our YouTube videos from UKGE 2021!