Kickstarter Unboxing #99 – Solar Storm

Work together, or die alone in this cooperative survival game for 1-4 players that will make even the most hardened crews and solo players swelter.

Episode #54 – A Chat with James Cook

In this episode Matt has a chat with comedian James Cook, probably best known amongst the board game community for his Always Be Rolling, Pandemic Live and Board Game Smackdown shows.

Quick Look – Salem vs Salem 1692

In this video, Matt compares his original Kickstarter edition of 'Salem' with the latest edition, Salem 1692.

Episode #53 – June/July Meeple Mail

It's time for another episode of Meeple Mail, where we take a dive into our inbox to see what we've been sent over the past few weeks.

Catapult Kingdoms Launches on Kickstarter July 2nd

Game publisher Vesuvius Media announced Catapult Kingdoms, its new boulder launching, castle smashing, dexterity game, goes live on Kickstarter July 2.

Episode #52 – Itching To Play…

Matt's gone a bit crazy backing Kickstarters, and also has around 1700 games to play from the Bundle for Justice and Racial Equality. He's itching to play them... (See what we did there?)

Episode #51 – Marvellous Meeple Mail

It's been a month since our last Meeple Mail, so we have a bunch of emails to get through. Let's see what people have been sending us this month.

Episode #50 – 50th Episode Quiztacular!

To celebrate our 50th episode, we've decided to put on a quiz! Joining us for this special occasion are some of our friends, but which one of them knows the most about games?

Episode #49 – Still Stuck Indoors…

We're still stuck indoors this month, but that's no reason why Matt can't spend lots of cash backing Kickstarter projects he'll be able to play (hopefully) once lockdown is over...