TOGPicks #1 – January 2016

What are TOGPicks?

TOGPicks are suggestions and recommendations for new or upcoming games that we at The Offline Gamer think you might like to check out.  We will pick a game each to recommend you all and then one extra outlier (“The Other Pick”) that is gaming-related or something we think is geeky and cool that you might appreciate.

Rai’s Pick: “No Fish!”

Campaign Ends: 
Cost: $18 AUD (including free global shipping)

I’ve picked ‘No Fish!’ for my first ever TOGPick because it still has a long time left to run on its campaign so that’ll give you all plenty of chance to go and check it out! It’s a simple back-to-front card game where you aim to discard your hand to win – leaving you with No Fish! There’s mechanics in the game to scupper your plans to free all your fish and make you take on more fish that should appeal to a range of gamers and ages.

I’ve backed it myself and one of the swing factors for me was the price. At $18 Australian Dollars, including free worldwide shipping, that is a pretty good bargain in my books; if you too are paying in GBP (£) then it should work out around £9.00 (depending on your bank’s exchange rate) for the Deluxe version. If you’re paying in Euros, it works out about €12 or just under.

One last thing that might tempt you is if you back at the Deluxe level you get to offer up your very own fish pun for possible inclusion in the game! Are you sitting on a great fish pun? Don’t be koi; share it with the world!

Matt’s Pick: “Jane Austen’s Matchmaker… with Zombies”

Campaign Ends:  Fri, Feb 26 2016 11:00 PM +00:00
Cost: £10/£18 (plus shipping)

Last year at UKGE I saw Jane Austen’s Matchmaker for the first time. It was something I seriously considered purchasing, but there were just a few other things which caught my eye. A few weeks later I was chatting with my friend Amy about it and we both agreed that the addition of Zombies would improve the game, as she’s seemingly obsessed with the zombie themed games I own! Well, not longer after, I saw a post which said they were seriously thinking about adding Zombies to the game as an expansion, and here it is!

The cost is just £10 for the expansion, or £18 for both that and the original game if you don’t already own it. At that price I can’t see any reason not to back it!

The Other Pick: “Chance & Counters”

Campaign Ends: .
Cost: from £5 (GBP)

As you might be able to see from the URL above Chance & Counters is to be the first board game café in Bristol (UK).  While we may live in and near Birmingham, we can definitely get behind the proliferation of board game cafés elsewhere in the country.

Support tiers start from £5 (for website acknowledgement) and range all the way up to £1,000 (for a lifetime membership) so there is a backer level in there for everyone’s budget.  Their business plan seems to be quite comprehensive, which is reassuring, and they plan to set themselves up in a rather picturesque spot in Bristol.  The café will be opening regardless but this campaign is to make it even better from day one; check out the campaign page to see how.

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