TOGPicks #4 – May 2016

What are TOGPicks?

TOGPicks are suggestions and recommendations for new or upcoming games that we at The Offline Gamer think you might like to check out.  We will pick a game each to recommend you all and then one extra outlier (“The Other Pick”) that is gaming-related or something we think is geeky and cool that you might appreciate.
Rai’s Pick: World Championship Russian Roulette by Anthony Burch

Campaign Ends:
Cost: $25 (USD)

Yes, this is the same Anthony Burch of H.A.W.P. and Borderlands 2 fame.  This game is going to be a Kickstarter only offering so if it takes your fancy you’re only going to be able to get a copy through this campaign.

It is a push-your-luck card game in which you, as team captain in the Russian Roulette World Championship, must lead your team to victory with as little brain-grey redecorating as possible.  To do this you bid on how many trigger pulls you think you can survive each round; if your team captain dies, you’re out.

This campaign has already fully funded (I’m sure Anthony Burch’s name leant a lot of fever to this) and is available to ship anywhere in the world for February 2017.

Matt’s Pick: “Bewilder Box”

Campaign Ends:
Cost: From £2 (GBP)

I know I’ve picked another ‘Escape Room’ campaign in the past (although the previous one was one you could play at home!), but I really couldn’t resist this one. Bewilder Box looks like it’s going to be more than your standard escape room experience though, as it also features an immersive story which happens to include Hugo Myatt. Myatt will be familiar to most people who grew up in the UK around the same time as me as the Dungeon Master in the children’s TV show, Knightmare.

I just wish this campaign was based a little closer to me, as it’s in Brighton. I’m sure once it’s all up and running through I can plan a trip with some friends! 😉

The Other Pick: Rebuild Eric the UK’s first Robot

Campaign Ends:
Cost: from £5 (GBP)

This campaign is being run by the Science Museum in London, UK, in order to rebuild “Eric” the UK’s first robot from way-back in 1928.  The original Eric disappeared so this will be a recreation based on archive footage of the robot.

Pledges range from £5 upwards and – all being well – Eric will be on display this October for a short while before later returning next February for the Science Museum’s upcoming exhibition: Robots.

What could be better than bringing (back) to life a piece of UK and robotics history?


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