UKGE 2016 – Ice Cool

One of the games we’re really looking forward to seeing at UKGE is ‘Ice Cool‘ by Brain Games. It certainly looks like a fun concept and should be great fun for all the family! Watch the quick promo video below to see how it’s played.

After two years of development and prototyping, Brain Games introduces a new board game featuring two major innovations that make flicking more exciting and game setup faster.

The special form of flicking pieces creates a new bag of tricks – players can make the pieces slide, curve, jump, dive or bump against the walls. All the ways figures move and interact ensure a gameplay that always surprises with what is possible. Success is skill-based and accessible for different ages – everybody can train and improve their flicking skills. With simple and intuitive rules Ice Cool becomes an obvious gateway game while the engaging gameplay and movement around the table makes it a fun filler-game for game nights.

In addition to a new approach to game pieces and flicking techniques, Ice Cool introduces another innovation in board games – Box-In- A-Box. It is a new game-board concept that is very quick and easy to setup. Each Ice Cool game contains 5 boxes that players fasten together with pins creating an immersive 3D game board in less than a minute.


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