UKGE 2106 – Quick Roundup

Well, it’s all done for another year! The UK Games Expo 2016 is now over, and we anxiously await 2017 which promises to be bigger and better than ever, which will be no mean feat! 2016 saw total attendances of over 25,000 (86% up!) and unique attendances of over 12,500 (41% up).

We’ll be going through our initial impressions and what we got upto on our next podcast. On the whole it was really enjoyable and having the vendors, demos, playtests and designers together in one of the halls in the NEC as it made for a much less cramped experience compared to last year (which was our first time experiencing UKGE).

For now, I’ll leave you with this lovely list of what we ended up with after the weekend was over. (Oh, and also thanks to Brain Games and Original Content London for review copies of Ice Cool and Battle of the Bands respectively. We’ll talk about them soon!)

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