Episode #10 – UKGE 2016!

Unsurprisingly our show this month is dominated by talk of the UK Games Expo 2016.

We talk about what we got upto, and what we saw and played over the course of the two days we attended.

13329058_1735752896641307_1597109351_n Playmore Games

Race to the North Pole

13397637_135353203535351_939199514_n Brain Games

Ice Cool

13394990_990320504415020_653163139_n 3D Total Games

Escape the Nightmare

13267425_627070960781165_843898192_n 3D Total Games

Wizard’s Academy

13380975_982927125154351_950623915_n Triple Ace Games


13391131_382259868564890_1715619656_n Lonely Bears
13380953_1809047762657985_1913396873_n Hip Hops
13277548_1547576845549581_715284184_n Doomstar
13392635_1775356636042537_206574753_n Rhyme
13398468_1350772274939154_263309332_n Legend Express

Burger Boss

13285436_1609907159320498_1521326433_n Format Ferret Games

The Networks

13269480_1755477404667333_757002313_n Pandemic Live!
13397606_1042840359125764_743096815_n Medusa Games

Nine Worlds

13329053_1021409417936073_1665091759_n Medusa Games

Tinker, Tailor

13398572_1797315643836178_1914054709_n Alley Cat Games

Lab Wars

13320255_1722792124605435_1394633142_n Warm Acre

Game of Blame

13391342_1743997999179410_374374919_n Gen42 Games


13355607_1010302979052427_2000151733_n Gen42 Games


13355507_627841937370434_1441378329_n Original Content London

Battle of the Bands

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