Event – Strategy

Strategy is a new gaming convention being run by MCM, the same people who bring you Comic-Cons in various locations around the UK every year.

The event is taking place from 24-26 August at the International Centre, Telford. Tickets are from £10 for a single day, all the way up to £30 for a 4 day pass for the whole event. The great thing about the tickets is they’re valid until 8am the following day, as the centre will be open overnight for some epic gaming sessions!


Adult Child Family
Thursday £10.00 £6.00 £30.00
Friday £10.00 £6.00 £30.00
Saturday £10.00 £6.00 £30.00
Sunday £10.00 £6.00 £30.00
4 Day £30.00 £20.00 £70.00
3 Day £25.00 £15.00 £60.00
2 Day £20.00 £12.00 £45.00

For a full timetable for the event please view this page on the Strategy website.

Find out more at strategygamecon.com


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