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Today Rai and I attended the pre-launch party for Cakes & Ladders, a new board games cafe located right in the centre of Birmingham.

We first heard about the project on Kickstarter a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we weren’t able to back the project (Money is always tight around Christmas!) but we knew some people who did, and thankfully the project was successfully funded anyway. Backers were invited to a special party before the official opening, and our friends who backed the project were able to bring guests so they rather thoughtfully asked if we’d like to go. Thanks Guys!

We arrived a little early, but that gave us a good chance to take a look at the venue. I have to say I really liked the aesthetic inside. The colour of the walls is great and it really goes well with the black furniture, and also it doesn’t look too busy and cluttered as there are just a few geeky posters dotted around which is the perfect amount in my opinion. There are plenty of smaller tables which could be used for things like card games, but also could easily be joined together to make space for a bigger board if needed. There’s also a nice big table with couches on either side which was a great size, and it was there we played games of King of Tokyo and Ticket To Ride Europe.

While playing we were treated to some cakes, and I have to say I may have overindulged slightly… On our table we had some Brownies, Cookies, and Lemon Drizzle cake which all went down exceedingly well. Even if people have no interest in playing games I hope they’ll stop by and sample some of the amazing cakes the cafe will have on offer!

Thank Izzi and Jess for a wonderful afternoon, and here’s hoping Cakes &Ladders is a big success!



To find out more, visit Cakes & Ladders on social media: Twitter / Facebook


Address: 38-40 Holloway Circus, Birmingham, B1 1EQ

Cakes & Ladders will be open from Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017


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