News: Dawn of Peacemakers Pre-Order Open!

If you’ve listened to our latest episodes, you’ll know I’m quite excited about Dawn of Peacemakers from Snowdale Design, which has recently funded on Kickstarter. Snowdale Design have created one of my favourite game series from the past couple of years, the Dale of Merchants deck-building games.

Dawn of Peacemakers is a game set in the same universe as Dale of Merchants, but instead of building a deck and putting your wares out for display in a market stall you are attempting to bring peace to two warring factions.

What do you get with the game?

  • Over 30 miniatures and custom plastic bases. These highly detailed minis are sculpted by none other than Chad Hoverter of Mice and Mystics fame.
  • 12 scenarios long campaign with a memorable storyline. Shape the future of the continent with your actions and try to achieve peace.
  • 420 cards with beautiful illustrations which you unlock slowly as you play the game. Surprises and new challenges await in your adventure!
  • Countless hours of entertainment as you explore the game. No components are altered or destroyed during gameplay so you can replay each scenario or even the whole campaign as many times as you wish.

As the campaign has finished, pre-orders are now available for those who missed it. For a limited time, if you pre-order you’ll get the exclusive metal sloth coin that was included as part of the Kickstarter campaign!

I can’t wait for this game to arrive, and hopefully if this looks like something you’ll enjoy you’ve either already backed it on Kickstarter, or headed over to the site to place your pre-order!

– Matt


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