Board Game Trade & Chat UKGE 2018 Survey

Chris Mac over on the Board Game Trading and Chat UK (Chris is also a member of Matt’s gaming group) has setup a survey for those people at UKGE this weekend to get some feedback into the games people are demoing at the event.

We hope that you have a fantastic time at the UK Games Expo 2018. One of the key draws for gamers, designers and publishers is the ability to conduct demonstration games for upcoming releases, as well as being able to make last minute adjustments based on prospective customer feedback.

In order to be able to help the industry plan for future releases, and also support the designers we are wanting to collate as much information around these as possible. This is where you come in, we would like you to log the games that you have had a demo of.

At the time of writing, the top 3 Games so far are:

  • Ticket To Ride: New York
  • Fog of Love
  • Vadoran Gardens

Please fill in the survey if you can! It can be found at


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