Movie Empire – Relaunched on Kickstarter

Those of you who listen to our podcast will know that Matt recently picked Movie Empire by Stimulus Games was one of his ‘Ones to Watch’ recently. Unfortunately the campaign was cancelled before completion, but the creators have taken the time to restructure the campaign and today it’s relaunched!

By designer Karsten Schulmann and artist Allan Ohr, Movie Empire is a fun, fast-paced euro game. The game consists of 4 phases: Grumpy phase, working phase, premiere phase and upkeep phase.

The most important phase is the working phase. This is where you send out your production assistants (aka workers) in order to get production assets, cast stars, buy scripts or do some other tasks. But since many tasks can only be occupied by one player, you have to choose your strategy carefully. The gathered resources have to be attached to a movie. Pay attention to special laying rules and requirements – for example, post-production has to happen after shooting the movie and not before!

Then if you feel like it, prepare for releasing your movie. Choose a market (each one with its own advantage) and reap your rewards. If you release the right movie at the right time, get ready for an award. But don’t forget your boss, Mr. Grumpy. The more he likes you, the more possibilities you have. The sympathy value defines your budget every round and can open a second production line for you.

Feel like a movie producer and create pieces of art that will remain in history!

Check out the updated campaign on Kickstarter today!


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