UKGE 2019 – Annotated Map

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As usual, the map provided by UKGE doesn’t have all the vendor/exhibitor names shown. Generally it’s limited to just the bigger stalls.

Here you can find an annotated version of the map, with the names of all the exhibitors located in the correct places. I did the same thing last year, and uploaded it here. A lot of people found it useful, so I’ll be doing it again for 2019!

This page will be updated with the latest version of the map as I work on it. Recent updates include:

  • Street Names
  • More Logos
  • Updated with the latest layout changes, based on the official maps
  • Updated tournament areas, based on the official maps
  • Updated fonts to reflect ones in use on official maps (originally a best guess, but they released a vector version so we could see what they’re using)
  • Added the Stand Numbering System box to the centre of the map

Click the thumbnail below to get the latest version in PDF format! Mozilla Firefox users should download and view in Adobe Reader or another browser, otherwise it’ll be all blurry when zoomed in!

It has been saved using the ‘High Quality Print’ preset in Adobe Illustrator, and if printing it’ll be best if you use Adobe Reader.

Last Updated: 20th May 2019 7:48 pm

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