Kickstarter Unboxing #118 – Goblin Teeth

In deep dark we live. It cold, it damp, but home to fancy emerald, yummy worms, and other lovely shiny bits. Big Boss say first goblin who collect set of shiny bits is BEST goblin. All goblin want help Big Boss. Me know goblin secret though. Best goblin always get what Big Boss want, because best goblin always cheat!

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Game Details
NameGoblin Teeth (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank10594 [6.98]
Player Count2-5
Designer(s)Frank Tedeschi
Artist(s)Derrick Nau
Publisher(s)Blue Beard Entertainment and Jellybean Games
Mechanism(s)Auction: Multiple Lot, Auction/Bidding, Chaining, Contracts, Delayed Purchase, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Set Collection, Take That and Variable Set-up

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