DoodleMeeple – Now Free To Use!

DoodleMeeple, a board game industry networking platform, has just removed its commission fees giving free accounts and networking capabilities to all users, no matter their budget or experience.

The team behind the innovative board game design platform have also just released DoodleMeeple 2.0, which makes growing your network smoother, easier and more fun. With a new task notification system you’ll be guided through your profile set up and management of your future projects. We’ve made our messaging system easier to use and you’ll even be rewarded with badges to adorn your profile when you fulfil different tasks on DoodleMeeple.

The team at DoodleMeeple wanted to bring the community closer by making sure the platform was accessible to all. They’ve now stripped out the commission fees that were paid by users, which they felt served as a barrier of entry for those curious about the industry. Instead DoodleMeeple is now funded through completely optional donations via the Patreon platform.

If you’re not one of DoodleMeeple’s rapidly growing community of board game artists, designers, editors, marketers or publishers, DoodleMeeple provides a free service that helps people make board games. Whether you have the seed of an idea, or you’re a seasoned publisher with multiple titles, DoodleMeeple is the perfect resource to find the experienced  freelancers you need to make your project a reality.

As one of our ‘Creators’ with a board game idea, you simply need to write a brief for the role you need, then choose from our stable of Creatives. You can pick your favourite five freelancers to quote for you, compare their work and fees, then sign a simple contract and get to work right away. It’s a no nonsense way of finding reliable people to work with in an industry that continues to gain momentum. Forget getting irrelevant applications, hear from who you want, when you want.

If you’re on the other side of the coin, and work as a freelancer in the games industry, you can find a great additional avenue of work by creating your free account and just letting the projects roll in. No more enormous job boards to laboriously trawl. If a Creator likes your work, you’ll get a notification and a brief, and you can chat through our internal messaging system to iron out the details.

DoodleMeeple launched at the end of 2020, and since then, co-founders Jamie and Tim have been working ceaselessly to take advantage of the amazing DoodleMeeple community’s feedback to develop an even better system for you to use.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find the perfect collaboration, sign up at free today.


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