Kickstarter Unboxing – Eternal Palace

In Eternal Palace, you are a noble family who has pledged to help the Emperor rebuild his palace left derelict for centuries so that you may gain his favor. You must send your team to collect resources and rebuild monuments. You will also honor the Emperor by painting a beautiful picture of his beloved gardens and palace — but others are trying to impress him, too, and only one will have the honor of being chosen as the Emperor’s favorite.

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Game Details
NameEternal Palace (2022)
ComplexityMedium [2.72]
BGG Rank6963 [6.52]
Player Count (Recommended)1-5 (3-5)
Designer(s)Steven Aramini
Artist(s)Jacqui Davis and Quentin Regnes
Publisher(s)Alley Cat Games
Mechanism(s)Area Majority / Influence, Dice Rolling, Open Drafting, Programmed Movement and Worker Placement with Dice Workers

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