Kickstarter Unboxing – Deckchairs on the Titanic

The year is 1912. The unsinkable Titanic is setting sail on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic, and you have secured yourself the coveted position of deckchair attendant on the first-class promenade. Your passengers will tip you extra for getting their chair in a good place, so you and the other deckchair attendants must compete to reserve the best spots on the promenade. Passengers will pay most for their favourite positions, but you can still earn a few tips if you take someone else’s preferred spot. Most desired of all is the centre spot – you’ll be paid handsomely if you manage to place one of your deckchairs there.

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Game Details
NameDeckchairs on the Titanic (2022)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank15208 [6.58]
Player Count2-4
Designer(s)Tom Holness
Artist(s)Miles Hesketh
Publisher(s)Silver Birch Games
Mechanism(s)Grid Movement, Moving Multiple Units, Pattern Building, Pattern Movement, Programmed Movement and Variable Set-up

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