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We compare the latest edition of Cadaver to the first edition, take a look at the components and rules, and let you know what we think!

Thanks to Kedric Winks for providing us with a review copy of the second edition.

Cadaver is a card game in which players must use a variety of arcane resources to reanimate a series of cadavers. Each cadaver has a resource cost which players must spend to re-animate the corpse. Resources are drawn from a shared deck. One deck can be used by up to 3 players. Adding a second deck allows up to 6 players to compete for best necromancer!

Each player takes a number of cards from a single deck looking for corpses to reanimate, collecting arcane resources and accomplices, coffin locks and keys or terrifying ghouls. The player with the most corpses raised by dawn wins the game!

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Game Details
NameCadaver (2016)
ComplexityLight [1.33]
BGG Rank16649 [6.04]
Player Count (Recommended)2-6 (1-3)
Designer(s)Kedric Winks
Artist(s)Augustinas Raginskis
Publisher(s)Cheatwell Games and Triple Ace Games, Ltd.
Mechanism(s)Set Collection and Take That

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