Episode #49 – Still Stuck Indoors…

Topic of the Month

We’re still stuck indoors this month, but that’s no reason why Matt can’t spend lots of cash backing Kickstarter projects he’ll be able to play (hopefully) once lockdown is over…

Kickstarter Korner

Political Satire

·         Presidents Vs Trump


·         Infected!
·         Delivirus
·         Clinic Deluxe Edition (Covid-19 Coop)
·         Who’s Gonna Make It?
·         Bye Bye Virus
·         Hording Time


·         Canvas
·         Dale of Merchants 3
·         StoryMasters Tales Dracodeep Dungeon
·         Excavation Earth
·         Fallen Angels
·         Rabbit Rummage
·         Holi:Festival of Colours
·         Tapeworm

Ones To Watch – Matt:

·         Mini Golf Designer
·         Tapiru: A Bubble Tea Game

Ones To Watch – Rai:

·         Magic Puzzles
·         Rise of Tribes: Beasts & Bronze


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