Birmingham Board Game Designers at UKGE!

The following expo news comes hot from the Birmingham Board Games Designers Facebook page.

  • See Andy Hopwood demonstrating Daring Dustbunnies, a push your luck racing game about fluffballs and a vacuum of doom, on stand 1-295.
  • Come and play Firegangs 1840s at stand 1-416: A fast, dice rolling game with strategic depth and a healthy dose of being the best crew in town.
  • Find David Wake wandering about lost and ask him for a bookmark promoting his novels covering SF, Steampunk and more…
  • Play and purchase Immortality at stand 1-288, prove your worth to the God Zeus himself whilst avoiding Minotaurs and Hydras. Whilst there, you can see two brand new games in development. Jigsaw jumble where you’re digging for lost treasures and Midgard Mischief where Loki could be anybody.
  • Warren Wars will be ready for battle at 1-515. Get carrots, build your fluffy army and destroy your opponents.
  • Richard Buxton and his box of gnomes can be found at the Playtest UK stand on Saturday!
  • Have a laugh with Zsolt Batki and The Pooper Heroes, the inapoopriately fun card game on Saturday afternoon in the Playtest UK zone.
  • Solar Storm is cooprative survival game for 1-4 players. Work together to repair the ship or burn in the scorching abyss. Find Dranda Games at stand 1-297.
  • In Dice Diner, players compete to satisfy the most customers and earn the most tips. Draft and manipulate the custom dice, which represent food, to compete customer orders before your opponents, the player with the most tips wins! Join Simon 1330-1630 in the Playtest Zone on Saturday.
  • Redwell Games in at the entrance to Hall 2 (2-610) opposite CMON. Come and try Six Gun Showdown, our tense fast playing game of Wild West shootouts days before it hits Kickstarter. We will have our debut game Vote ME! to try and buy.

Want to see where all these stands are? Check out our UKGE annotated map!


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