Kickstarter Unboxing #103 – Rabbit Rummage

Rabbit Rummage is a family-friendly, set-collecting, pocket game for 2-6 players.

You play as hungry bunnies rooting around a field in search for some tasty lunch. Will you play it safe and go for the plentiful but low scoring) carrots? Or will you risk going home hungry in competition for the scrumptiously high scoring pepper salad…

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Game Details
NameRabbit Rummage (2020)
ComplexityLight [1.00]
BGG Rank0 [6.97]
Player Count (Recommended)2-6 (1-6)
Designer(s)Toby Fairclough
Publisher(s)Mushroom Gaming Co
Mechanism(s)Hexagon Grid, Roll / Spin and Move, Set Collection and Variable Set-up

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