Kickstarter Unboxing #104 – Tranquility

Jump on board the good ship Tranquility and set sail for paradise. Take care, though, because in a land where the day blends into night it’s easy to lose track of time and you still need to find that special little island to call home.

Tranquility is a co-operative card game in which players must fill the sea with islands — specifically island cards with numbers on them — and guide the ship home before any player runs out of cards. Note that in the world of Tranquility, the only way to play is in silence.


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Game Details
NameTranquility (2020)
ComplexityLight [1.36]
BGG Rank1578 [6.97]
Player Count (Recommended)1-5 (1-4)
Designer(s)James Emmerson
Artist(s)Tristam Rossin
Publisher(s)Board Game Hub, Gém Klub Kft., Hobby World, Lucky Duck Games, Maldito Games, REXhry, Rozum and White Goblin Games
Mechanism(s)Communication Limits, Cooperative Game, Hand Management, Solo / Solitaire Game and Tile Placement

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