Kickstarter Unboxing #110 – Tinderblox & Kittin

Tinderblox sets players in a campfire setting, where each player will attempt to grow the fire! But watch out! Place the blocks badly and you risk burning down the camp!

In Kittin, you’ll flip a card then all players will compete in a simultaneous fast-paced race to grab the cat meeples and match the arrangement. The player who is quickest at grabbing and best at stacking will win the cat-stacking race!


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Game Details
NameTinderblox (2020)
ComplexityLight [1.00]
BGG Rank3047 [6.76]
Player Count2-6
Designer(s)Rob Sparks
Artist(s)Rory Muldoon
Publisher(s)Alley Cat Games, The Game Builders, Hobby Japan, Maldito Games and Matagot
Mechanism(s)Player Elimination and Stacking and Balancing
Game Details
NameKittin (2020)
ComplexityLight [1.00]
BGG Rank8162 [6.24]
Player Count (Recommended)2-8 (2-4)
Designer(s)Caezar Al-Jassar and Simon Milburn
Artist(s)Daniela Magalhães
Publisher(s)Alley Cat Games and Maldito Games
Mechanism(s)Pattern Building, Real-Time and Stacking and Balancing

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