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We all know I’m (Matt) a sucker for games with awesome pixel art, as it reminds me of growing up playing games on various 8-bit and 16-bit systems. In fact, one of my favourite games of all time (and Winner of my 2017 Kickstarter of the Year aware) was Fire of Eidolon from Magic Meeple games, a dungeon crawler with amazing art in that style.

(And yes, I did get all our logos and artwork updated to pixel art last year… I love it that much!)

Now, another game has just launched on Kickstarter which looks like it will be right up my street – Pixel Clash from Pixel8 Games, a small indy developer based in the UK.

Pixel Clash is a simple and fun card game – and it’s the first to be developed by Pixel8 Games. In Pixel Clash, 1-6 people can work alone or fight as a team to take down a deadly Dragon [before it takes you down first!]

Players draw and play “Melee”, “Ranged”, “Spell”, “Idea”, “Response” and “Power Gem” cards against the Dragon and its assortment of Minions [including Witches, Spiders, Trolls and more].

The game takes around 10 minutes to play, is for 1 to 6 players and ages 10 and up. Contained in a single copy are 6 D6’s (for tracking player HP), a chance coin, HP token, and over 110 cards! Also on offer on the Kickstarter are some custom t-shirts with the amazing pixel art, well worth considering!

The campaign is live until 18th October 2021, and copies of the game start at £4 for a PnP, and £20 for a physical copy. Check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pixel8-games/pixel-clash-card-game

For more information on Pixel8 Games:

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