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In CoraQuest the players work together to guide four adventurers exploring a dungeon, avoiding traps, finding treasure, fighting monsters, and sometimes rescuing a gnome called Kevin.

CoraQuest is a game that kids and grown-ups can play together and get equal amounts of fun from. It’s also a game that sparks creativity – providing encouragement and guidance on how to create heroes, monsters and adventures to make CoraQuest your own.

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Game Details
NameCoraQuest (2022)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank1766 [7.94]
Player Count1-4
Designer(s)Dan Hughes and Cora Hughes
Artist(s)Cora Hughes and Gary King
Publisher(s)(Web published), Bright Eye Games, A-Z kiadó, Barbu Inc., Ediciones MasQueOca, Jumping Turtle Games, Lucrum Games and Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.
Mechanism(s)Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Line of Sight, Map Addition, Modular Board, Square Grid and Variable Player Powers

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