Event – The Great Indoors

There’s just a month to go until The Great Indoors, a gaming event in Bromsgrove, UK. We’ll be there, and we hope to see you there too!

If you haven’t yet bought your tickets yet then take a look at what’s in store. You can buy them online and find out more about the event at www.greatindoorsevent.uk


Richard Denning, game designer and UK Games Expo organiser, will be bringing his new game Nine Worlds for playtesting and demos. Grublin Games will have a prototype of their recently-announced title Perfect Crime available for playtesting.


Have a go at Happy Otter’s Creature College and Medusa Games’ Tinker Tailor.


Everyone will have the chance to win prizes including: Anomia, Dodekka, Great Fire of London 1666, Tinker Tailor, Creature College, a £50 voucher to spend at Hide n Geek shop in Worcester plus pre-orders for Nine Worlds and Perfect Crime.

Game purchasing

Northumbria Games will have a stall selling a wide variety of games for all tastes. Make sure to bring your pocket money.

Time to play

One of the primary aims for The Great Indoors was to encourage people to get together and just play some games. There will be plenty of space and a small selection of games available to borrow, plus a family-oriented area with accessible games for a wide range of ages. The team of organisers will be delighted to teach and assist you in your play.


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