TOGPicks #6 – July 2016

What are TOGPicks?

TOGPicks are suggestions and recommendations for new or upcoming games that we at The Offline Gamer think you might like to check out.  We will pick a game each to recommend you all and then one extra outlier (“The Other Pick”) that is gaming-related or something we think is geeky and cool that you might appreciate.

Rai’s Pick: “PUPS”

Campaign Ends:
Cost: from $14 USD

We all know Matt loves his foodie games and I’m a sucker for cat games but dogs are great too!  Especially the cute ones in this game!  PUPS is a trick-taking card game where you play as an aspiring dog trainer trying to win at the dog show.

The video on the campaign page explains the ins-and-outs of gameplay very quickly and it honestly seems like a very easy game to pick up and play regardless of your skill level.  The art is delightful and it’s about time there was a cute dog-themed game on Kickstarter!

The only downside to this campaign, from a UK perspective, is that it is $20 shipping, which more than double the cost of the base game pledge amount.

Matt’s Pick: “Fire of Eidolon – 16-Bit Inspired Co-Op Dungeon Board Game”

Campaign Ends: Sat, Aug 13 2016 5:00 AM BST
Cost: $8 PNP, $24 Physical Copy

Fire of Eidolon describes itself as “A light and super portable Boardgame for 1-6 Players in 30-40 minutes”.

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and were a fan of 16-bit adventure games such as Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy on the SNES then this game will definitely appeal. Each character (using the age old RPG classes such as Wizard, Warrior and Paladin) has a small standee that’s used to move around the dungeon which is created by laying down tiles. Players have to work together to rescue the Fire of Eidolon from the clutches of the evil Cult of Shadows(!) before it can be used to bring an ancient cosmic horror, the Dark Sorcerer, back to our world.

This looks like it’s going to be a great fun game with high quality components, so I really think it’s something you should check out!

The Other Pick: “Chloe: A Midlands Zombie Film”

Campaign Ends: 23/07/2016
Cost: from £2

We figure the cross-over between gamers and fans of zombie films is fairly high so we’d like to highlight a campaign over on IndieGoGo being run by a friend of ours.  There’s only a few days left on the campaign as we write this and we hope you’ll be as enthused by the project as we are.

If the campaign is a success then filming will be starting next month(!) and Rai will be starring as one of the infected.  So if you’d like to see that, pop over to IGG and back Chloe.

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