Board Game Smackdown – The Offline Gamer Special!

Listeners of our podcast will know we’ve been long-time fans of comedian James Cook, thanks to us watching his stand-up show Always Be Rolling at our first UKGE in 2015. Since then we’ve seen some of his stand-up gigs at the Mac in Birmingham, watched Pandemic Live at UKGE (and Rai even took part in a winning show!), and been thoroughly entertained by his comedy board game show, Board Game Smackdown.

Initially created as a stand-up show in Edinburgh where comedians all get together and play board games, it’s also been staged at UKGE in 2019, shows have been made available in podcast form, and in these strange times of 2020 the show is now streamed online on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Matt is a patreon supporter of the show, and one of the special perks is that we get our own show! So, presented in all it’s glory, here is our special Offline Gamer edition of Board Game Smackdown!

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