Episode #73 – A Quick Catch Up

We have a quick catch-up this month before we start planning for UKGE! Keep your ears open for our preview episode coming in the next couple of weeks.

Episode #72 – Ticket to Carcassonne

Matt is joined in this episode by author Steve Dee, and there's chat about the latest update to his board game book, Ticket to Carcassonne, as well as other projects!

Episode #69 – Nice

It's back to normal this month, and we've got a lot of catching up to do! Matt tells us all about a few months worth of Kickstarters, and Rai details all about their foray into D&D...

Episode #68 – A Short Trip to Arkosa

This month we briefly chat about what we've been playing, some terrible Kickstarters, and we're joined by Angela from Toonhammer Games to talk about Arkosa - currently on Kickstarter!

Episode #64 – A Noble Chat

Matt is joined by artist, designer, and co-founder of DoodleMeeple Jamie Noble Frier to discuss the Hero Master Kickstarter, what DoodleMeeple is all about, and lots of other random topics to do with gaming.

Episode #63 – An Ascent into Madness

We're back, and we talk about our usual topics. We are also are joined by good friends Peter and James from Board Game Hub to talk about the upcoming Kickstarter for Tranquility: The Ascent